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Fleerackers presents fellow artists

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Fleerackers presents fellow artists

Michèle Voeten installs her 'Female Fonce' (Bala photo)
Fleerackers presents fellow artists
Michèle Voeten installs her ‘Female Fonce’ (Bala photo)

GierleSunday, Feb. 4, 2024. This weekend opens the first exhibition of the new year at Gallery Anita Fleerackers in Gierle. The artist presents works by talented colleagues.

Helga Renders’ paintings and sculptures reflect her love of her surroundings. The human forms are painted or sculpted with love. Helga’s niece Tessa Renders depicts her favorite horses on canvas. Paul Dexters cheerfulness is the subject in a fresh series of paintings. He combines oil on canvas with prints on glass.

Lydia Van Daele’s wooden sculptures are full of movement but very minimalist. In addition to being a sculptor, she is also a talented glass artist. You can see this in the gigantic large bowl and various glass objects. Stef Janssens is known for his powerful drawings, perfectly balanced. For this expo, he gives it a digital touch. In Michèle Voeten’s graceful lines, dancing figures appear beautifully from a halo of light.

The exhibition can be visited today from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Hemeldonk 9 in Gierle (Lille). Also open Thursday through Sunday during this month

Source: Bart Lamers – The Sunday 4/2/2024

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