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Ten Huize van Anita Fleerackers

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Ten Huize van Anita Fleerackers


Tessa Renders, Stef Janssens, Michèle Voeten, Annette Defoort and Jef Urkens

Ten Huize van Anita Fleerackers © Staf Campforts
Ten Huize van Anita Fleerackers © Staf Campforts


Official opening on Friday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. with Tom Kersemans alderman of culture of the Municipality of Lille as speaker.

Exhibition open on:
Dec. 1, 2 and 3
Dec. 7,8,9 and 10
Dec. 14,15,16 and 17
December 21,22 and 23, 2023

Artstudio Anita Fleerackers
Hemeldonk 9
B-2275 Gierle


Opening hours:
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
or by appointment

Gallery Anita Fleerackers

I was young and wanted something different from others my age at the time.
So I stepped into the academy in Turnhout part-time art education, took ceramics and sculpture. I then transferred to the DKO at the academy in Mutsaardstraat Antwerp, graduated and received the VRIKA prize.

With the conviction to build a professional career, I started as an artist, with my own studio, independent basis. Often I was made a fool of.
Yet you can find my work worldwide.

Now a new phase in my life has begun and I am starting my own gallery.

The gallery opens on Dec. 1, with the concept being

Ten Huize van Anita Fleerackers

Here in my living space, with beautiful views of and among nature, art lovers can quietly enjoy the artworks on display.

Tessa Renders

Our youngest artist is horse driven, she brings the horse to canvas in a modern way. Tessa is 18, attending academy, her participation is a great start for a bright future. Click here to view her work.

Stef Janssens

Studies at KUL Leuven and has a passion for drawing and cartooning. He will show his very strong hand drawn and digitally colored prints, Stef will be present in due time to sign his comics, in 2020 Stef was winner of the Prize of the city of Turnhout for his comic “Alle Grenzen Voorbij”. Click here to view his work.

Michèle Voeten

Has graphic design training and brings artworks in modern designs, She experiments with modern materials. Light and movement are a recurring subject and enhance her art forms. Click here to view her work.

Annette Defoort

Her ceramic sculptures have a humorous side, they are a pleasure to have them near you. Annette has been on an international journey for many years. She has many international nominations to her credit. Click here to view her work.

Jef Urkens

An artist pur sang, his paintings are very colorful, they make me happy. Jef does not have many exhibitions on his counter yet but this does not mean he is not working. Upon visiting his studio I was overwhelmed by the number of paintings he showed me, a true discovery and I have the honor of showing his works. Click here to view his work.

Anita Fleerackers

Nature? Of course Nature! Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. For Anita, too, it is an inexhaustible source of her inspiration.

Feelings and characters

Feelings and characters, rendered minimalist.
Over and over, hand-built in different stages, waiting, creating compositions and finding balance, over and over again. A sculpture should be well shaped, because even if you put your most beautiful color on it, when the shape is bad, the beautiful color won’t help.
Feeling the materials, taking time for this. I I call it respecting the clay, because when I work too fast the clay wraps itself up, disagrees and spits out its anger in a thousand pieces in the oven.

Beautiful colors. Pixelism!

Beautiful colors of nature in all seasons. Early in the morning, the freezing temperatures hanging in the air as the sun rises. It gives a prism to colors in the sky, or the sun, which tries to break through the nebula. The many shades of green in spring and the splendour of blossoms, summer by the sea, autumn with all shades of reddish-brown. Winter, a residual rose buried in the snow. Her paintings are memories, which, like photographs, contain thousands of pixels, built up by squares of about 1 cm by 1 cm. Pixelism! Labor-intensive but at the same time soothing, and unique.

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